EATING SLOWER IS HEALTHIER — We want our beloved dogs and cats to eat healthily. The slow feeding bowl is carefully designed to slow down feeding and encourages our dogs and cats to eat at a slower pace. The benefits of this can include reduced bloating, overeating, vomiting and obesity. For your pet, you can rest assured that they can rediscover their fun and natural foraging skills with every meal. We understand how important your pet’s health is, which is why the slow bowl feeder puts pet safety first. This bowl is made with food-safe, high-strength materials, and is phthalete free. The internal pattern is designed with no sharp edges and is bite resistant. Give yourself the flexibility you need to feed your pet wet, dry or raw food meals. We all know that sound of a food bowl being dragged across a floor. Our unique bowl base design contains 6 anti skid feet to give your bowl the floor grip as your pet feeds. A great surprise gift for a pet owner who’s always concerned. The curved obstacles and smooth finish makes this bowl simple to rinse clean after use. 

Pastel navy blue slow feeder bowl