Pooch Parlour Melbourne’s Eco Rope range of toys are made from 100% recycled materials. Soft plastics are usually sent straight to landfill – which poses great risks to the environment and to our oceans. our Eco Rope range is made from a recycled cotton and recycled polyester blend. Materials that would usually be thrown straight in the trash are recycled and rejuvenated, and made into an eco-friendly toy your dog will love.

Eco friendly, earth friendly, cotton rope dog toy, made from recycled materials, teeth cleaning, dog enrichment.

Best suited to fetch play or gentle chewing.

Fraying and unraveling of rope may occur during play. Tie the loose ends together in a knot to extend the life of the toy.

Warning: as with any toy, chewed off pieces could present a hazard if ingested. Please supervise your dog while playing and take away any loose pieces during play.

Eco friendly rope yellow tiger